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  • Broc Kokesh Broc Kokesh, class of 2017

    I chose Morris because I value an interdisciplinary education. I was able to combine many of my interests and pursue multiple programs of study. Morris's flexibility and abundant opportunities for students allowed me to shape my academic journey to best suit my own future goals. I don't believe I could have made my education entirely my own at a different school.

    Broc Kokesh

  • Mariana Venancio Mariana Venancio, class of 2017

    I chose Morris because I always thought I could have a better college experience in a small community, and I believe Morris was the right college for that.

  • Erin Wilaby Erin Wilaby, class of 2017

    Morris has an excellent campus life with a very friendly and social college community, and those were really important to me. Also I love that Morris is such a green campus.

  • Mickey Capps Mickey Capps, class of 2017

    I really enjoy all of the opportunities that Morris opens up. From internships to lifelong friendships, it's such a great life experience.

  • Andrew Kroska Andrew Kroska, class of 2017

    Since Morris is a smaller campus it has allowed me to accept certain leadership positions and given me opportunities that I would have never had in a big college.

  • Dani Harjo Dani Harjo, class of 2017

    I love that the school has a lot of student led activities. To me that means that the school puts their students first. Which is a cool and unique thing for me to see.

  • Patrick Walsh Patrick Walsh, class of 2017

    The atmosphere is something that’s different in comparison to other schools. The students and faculty are really kind and accepting at Morris, as well as open to building relationships.