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The University of Minnesota, Morris is one of the best public liberal arts colleges in the United States because of its instructional excellence, its commitment to research, its numerous co-curricular programs and services, and its strong sense of community. Morris is part of the world-renowned University of Minnesota system, yet it is a small personal school where students can shape their own education. Over 1,900 students receive a rigorous, liberal arts education while engaged in undergraduate research, civic engagement, and co-curricular activities.

Cost of Education at Morris 2016–2017

Tuition: $13,896
Fees: $1,850
Room: $3,752
Board: $4,162
Health Insurance: $1,998
Books: $1,000 (estimated)
Incidentals/Travel (estimated): -Total investment: $1,200
Total investment: $26,048

Morris Statistics

  • Student Population: 1,900
  • Student/faculty ratio: 15/1
  • Student Organizations: 100+

Accomplishments of Morris graduates: About 47% of Morris graduates attend graduate school during their career--25% go directly after graduating from Morris.

Students in the program will study intensive English, microeconomics, macroeconomics, calculus, and statistics before transferring to Morris (English proficiency requirement must be met).

In order to ensure the quality of the program, we limit each cohort to 50 students.

Popular majors among other Chinese students studying at Morris are: management (global business, financial and organizational management), economics, mathematics, statistics, pre-engineering, biology and education.

The University of Minnesota, Morris is a nationally ranked college that is known for it's academic excellence, opportunities to work with award-winning faculty, and the successful outcomes of our graduates. We are a selective college within the University of Minnesota system, offering students access to . All graduates of Morris earn a respected University of Minnesota degree that allows them go on to well-known graduate schools and have successful careers at well-respected companies.

With two wind turbines, a biomass gasification facility, local foods and campus recycling initiatives, Morris is an energy self sufficient campus.

For more information about admission to Morris, visit this page or contact Kelly Rudney, Coordinator of International Recruitment.