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Health Coach

Uplan Health Coach

  • Earn 200 Wellness Points
  • Completion requirements: Participate in a minimum of three face-to-face sessions. This can be a combination between health and nutrition coaching visits.
  • Deadline: Enroll by April 30th, 2017.  Complete by August 31st, 2017.

The UMM Health Coach can help to motivate and encourage eligible UPlan members to improve their overall health. Your Health Coach provides unbiased up-to-date health information to assist you with the development of a personalized wellness plan to effectively change behavior.

The Health Coach will assess your interests and needs, share the program options and resources available, and help you set realistic goals. The primary focus is to coach and guide you through healthy living choices.

The Health Coach will

  • Guide you through your wellness program choices
  • Assist you with goal setting, encouragement and ongoing education and resources
  • Assist you in developing an action plan to overcome lifestyle barriers

New! Nutrition Coach, Alyssa Thooft, Registered Dietician

The Nutrition Coach is a Registered Dietician with Sodexo Food Services. The Nutrition Coach will work with you to develop a personalized approach to eating healthy. The Nutrition Coach is available for a variety of concenrs, including creating a healthly weight, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, blood sugar regulation and more.


Appointments are required. Please call Angie Berlinger at 320-589-6486 or email if you are interested in setting up an appointment for Health or Nutrition Coaching.

Office Hours

Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-3 p.m. or by appointment


Regional Fitness Center
Room 302A
Phone: 320-589-6486

Wellness & Work Life Resources 

When you complete a wide range of health and wellness activities, you can earn wellness points.

Learn more about the Wellness Points Bank
Learn more about the Wellness Programs you can participate

Group Health Coaching 

Group Health Coaching is a once a month 30–45 minute program that involves group discussions on healthy lifestyle changes. The goal is to improve healthy behaviors through exercise, nutrition, lifestyle and stress management. This program offers support, accountability, motivation and resources to help you reach your wellness goals.

If you are a UPlan member, you can earn 200 Face-to-Face Health Coaching points by attending three Group Heatlh Coaching meetings and one Face-to-Face Health Coaching meeting prior to the August 31st, 2017 completion date.

University Fitness Classes 

The University of Minnesota, Morris Wellness Program is partnering with the Regional Fitness Center to offer Fitness Classes for it’s employees. University Employee Fitness Classes are eight-week classes designed to strengthen your muscles, enhance your cardiovascular fitness, and teach you the basics of a balanced exercise program.

University Fitness Classes