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Accreditation Teams

The accreditation process could not take place without the assistance of faculty, staff, students, trustees, professional associates, community members, and alumni on the accreditation teams.

Morris HLC Quality Initiative Work Teams

Team 1: Assessment of Retention Initiatives

Leads: Melissa Bert and Barry McQuarrie
Barbara Burke
Devon Johnson
Josiah Greg-Fall
Gwen Rudney
Jessica Porwoll
Parker Smith
Sam Rosemark

Team 2: Fostering Student Mental Health & Well-Being

Leads: Sandy Olson-Loy and Jeanne Williamson
Tammy Berberi
Colter Combellick
Hibah Hassan
Matthew Hoekstra
David Israels-Swenson
Bridgett Karels

Team 3: High Impact Practices in the First Year

Leads: Jennifer Deane and Sylke Boyd
Jess Larson
DeLores Allison
Cindy Boe
Simon Franco
Argie Manolis
Christina Montanez
Tricia Rohloff

HLC Assurance Criterion Work Teams

Team 1: Mission

Lead: Gwen Rudney
Wes Flinn
Troy Ostby
Margaret Kuchenreuther
Kerri Barnstable

Team 2: Integrity

Lead: Michael Korth
Roger Rose
Nancy Helsper
Windy Roberts
Kim Schultz
Laura Thielke

Team 3: Teaching and Learning: Quality, Resources & Support

Lead: Tracy Otten
Engin Sungur
Kellie Meehlhause
Jana Koehler
Melissa Wrobleski

Team 4: Teaching and Learning: Evaluation & Improvement

Lead: Stacey Parker Aronson
Bibhu Panda
Judy Korn
Heather Waye
Ray Lagasse
Troy Goodnough

Team 5: Planning and Effectiveness

Lead: Peh Ng
Dennis Stewart
Bryan Herrmann
Denise Odello
T.J. Ross
Laura Burks