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Mission & Vision

A distinctive public mission

The University of Minnesota, Morris is a unique campus, one of 30 Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges

  • A student-centered educational environment, Morris is devoted to providing an engaging, challenging undergraduate experience that prepares graduates for careers, advanced degrees, flexibility in the work world of the future, lifelong learning, and global citizenship.
  • As a public college, Morris benefits from its relationship to the University of Minnesota—a major top-10 research university—and commits to accessibility.
  • Morris serves as an educational and cultural center for residents of west central Minnesota.


The University of Minnesota, Morris (UMM) provides a rigorous undergraduate liberal arts education, preparing its students to be global citizens who value and pursue intellectual growth, civic engagement, intercultural competence, and environmental stewardship.

As a public land-grant institution, UMM is a center for education, culture, and research for the region, nation, and world. UMM is committed to outstanding teaching, dynamic learning, innovative faculty and student scholarship and creative activity, and public outreach. Our residential academic setting fosters collaboration, diversity, and a deep sense of community.

—Approved by Campus Assembly April 2009


The University of Minnesota, Morris's vision focuses on students:

  • To provide a personalized education for each student.
  • To complement and enrich extraordinary classroom experiences through undergraduate research, the Honors Program, study abroad, civic engagement, service learning, on and off campus internships, and the National Student Exchange.
  • To support and nurture the collaborative nature of the Morris campus and its deep sense of community.
  • To celebrate and strengthen the multicultural inclusiveness of the campus community.
  • To increase and strategically manage resources, including scholarships, to provide the best educational value possible for Morris students.
  • To become effective stewards of our environment and serve as a national leader in areas of sustainable energy and green living.
  • To recruit and retain outstanding students, faculty, and staff.
  • To nurture and support all members of the campus community, creating a climate of forthrightness, trust, and mutual respect.