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Organizational Structure and Campus Governance

UMN Morris, the University of Minnesota’s residential, undergraduate liberal arts campus, operates under a unique, inclusive, shared governance. All members of the campus community have a voice—including students.

A 12-member Board of Regents, which includes the University of Minnesota president, governs the University of Minnesota.

Morris Administration


  • Head of the campus
  • Reports to the University of Minnesota senior vice president for system academic administration

Vice chancellors and associate vice chancellors

  • Report directly to the chancellor
  • Oversee all campus personnel whose functions are divided into the following categories:
    • Academic Affairs/Dean
    • Finance and Facilities
    • Student Affairs

Directors, division chairs, assistants

  • Oversee campus units and offices
  • Report to the chancellor, vice chancellors, or associate vice chancellors


Academic Affairs/Dean


Finance and Facilities

Student Affairs


Divisions and Disciplines

Departments are called disciplines. Each discipline has a rotating coordinator. Disciplines belong to one of four divisions.

Divisions are overseen by division chairs who:

  • Serve for five years
  • Coordinate administrative and professional needs of faculty
  • Report to vice chancellor for academic affairs and dean



Science and Mathematics

Social Sciences


Morris Campus Student Association (MCSA)

  • Student governance organization
  • Elects representatives to Campus Assembly

United Staff Association (USA)

  • Civil Service, bargaining unit employees
  • Elects representatives to Campus Assembly

Campus Assembly

  • Governing body described in campus constitution
  • Acts on items proposed by campus committees
  • Includes most full-time faculty
  • Includes most full-time administrators and professional employees
  • Includes representatives from MCSA
  • Includes representatives from USA