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Academic Alert

The academic alert program is a partnership between Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and the Scholastic Committee. Academic alert utilizes a campuswide approach to support student success toward graduation.

Submitting a Concern

The academic alert system is now part of the APLUS advising tool.

Submit a concern for a student »

Instructions for submitting a concern »

If you have questions about submitting a concern or don’t yet have access to APLUS, please contact Jessica Porwoll.

Resources for Students

Academic Support Services
Academic Assistance

Location: Room 240 Briggs Library
Phone: 589-6178
Staff: Danielle Green, administrative specialist

Provides students with the help they need to be successful in their courses. More than half of the students at Morris take advantage of at least one of the services offered through the AAC. Services include:

  • small-group tutoring
  • one-on-one academic counseling
  • drop-in help rooms.

AAC hires about 50 tutors each year from a wide variety of disciplines—from calculus to psychology. All services are free to registered students.

Academic Advising

Location: 240 Briggs Library
Phone: 589-6010
Staff: Brenda Boever, director
Lacey Harstad, student support

The Advising office is a great source of information related to questions on how to:

  • change major
  • change advisors
  • plan class schedule 

You can also learn what you need to do to stay in good academic standing, work well with your adviser, and what happens if you are suspended or put on probation.

Office of the Registrar

Location: 212 Behmler Hall
Phone: 589-6027
Staff: Judy Korn, Registrar
Bonnie Gulbrandson, student support
Jeri Squier, faculty support

To learn the deadlines for dropping, withdrawing from or adding classes, check out the One Stop Calendar.

GPA Estimator

Equity, Diversity and Intercultural Programs

Location: 110 Multi-Ethnic Resource Center
Phone: 589-6095
Contact person for academic alert:
Gus Claymore, associate director
Leslie Gubash-Lindberg
Raymond Lagasse
Adrienne Conley
Hilda Ladner
Olivia Klemek

EDI provides the following services for US students of color and international students:

  • Academically advise first-year students
  • Assist in the adjustment process of students of color and international students to the University through the summer Gateway Program and STELLAR program as well as with orientation sessions for incoming students of color
  • Monitor the academic progress of all students of color and international students, intervening and making referrals when needed;
  • Design workshops to encourage exceptional students of color to apply for national scholarships
  • Encourage students of color to study abroad
  • Plan and coordinate the Multi-Ethnic Mentorship Program, a program where second-year students are matched with a faculty member to do a project/research in their area of interest
  • Design and implement cultural and educational activities such as World Touch Cultural Heritage Week
  • Serve as a resource to the campus on student of color and international student issues

Writing Center

Location: 252 Briggs Library
Phone: 589-6299
Coordinator: Tisha Turk

The writing room is staffed by English instructors and students who are trained to help students analyze and improve their papers. Tutors can help students at any stage of the writing process.

Student Support Services

Sometimes students struggle in their classes because they aren’t quite sure what they want to do with their lives and how their current courses or major are helping them move in the direction they envisioned. Other students find themselves dealing with emotional or physical stress or disabilities that are impacting their academic success. The following student support services can help students reduce stress, explore career options, cope with a disability or work through the changes brought about by a sudden, life-changing event.

Student Affairs

Location: Behmler Hall 309
Phone: 589-6013
Staff: Sandy Olson-Loy

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs coordinates support for students during times of personal emergencies (e.g. injuries that require hospitalization, extended personal and family health issues or bereavement) or changes in student status (e.g. being called to active military duty). The office assists students with excused absences for classes as well as planning for extended absences and medical withdrawals.

Career Services

Location: 110 Briggs Library
Phone: 589-6065
Staff: Gary Donovan, associate director
Cindy Boe, associate director
Irene Maloney, student support

The career center helps students find jobs, internships, and graduate school information. The office also provides career advising and resume help for all students.

Disability Services

Location: 240 Briggs Library
Phone: 589-6178

The Disability Resource Center arranges accommodations for students with documented physical, learning, or mental disabilities. Accommodations, such as extended time on exams, or texts in alternate formats, are designed to assist students to be more successful in the classroom.

Student Counseling

Location: 235 Behmler Hall
Phone: 589-6060
Staff: Bridget Joos, senior counselor
Jeanne Williamson, senior clinical counselor

Student Counseling helps students:

  • cope with mental illnesses
  • recover from alcohol or drug abuse
  • manage any type of personal crises or stress

Student Counseling also deals with emergencies, such as suicide threats and sexual assault. After hours, students in need of emergency services can call campus police at 320-208-6500, or 911.

Someplace Safe

Location: 202 Atlantic Avenue
Phone: 320-424-2301 or 218-739-3132
24-Hour Crisis Hotline: 800-974-3359

Someplace Safe helps survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence by explaining options, providing support, identifying appropriate resources and acting as a legal advocate. Friends and family members of survivors may also receive counseling and assistance.

Queer Issues Committee

Phone: 589-6276
Staff: Adrienne Conley

The Queer Issues Committee provides support for students who are struggling with issues related to their sexual orientation or gender identity. Students who wish to explore opportunities for referrals, support, or advocacy may contact the chair to schedule a confidential conversation. In addition to providing support, the Queer Issues Committee coordinates educational opportunities on campus.

Violence Prevention

Location: Wellness Center, Gay Hall Room 16A
Phone: 589-6061 (after hours 800-974-3359)

The violence prevention program offers education and prevention efforts to reduce the numbers of personal power-based violence occurring on our campus. This includes:

  • sexual assault
  • dating violence
  • domestic violence
  • stalking

We use the Green Dot Model of bystander intervention to reduce rates and have close partnerships with student counseling, campus police, and other community organizations. We partner with a Morris-based nonprofit, Someplace Safe, to offer advocacy for anyone who has been a victim of these crimes. The Violence Prevention Program is located in the Wellness Center in Gay Hall and Someplace Safe, the victim advocacy program serving the Morris community holds office hours in Student Counseling.