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Placement Exams

Foreign Language

The University of Minnesota, Morris requires proficiency in a foreign language at a one-year college level for the Bachelor of Arts degree. The foreign language proficiency exam is both a placement and an exemption exam. It verifies your proficiency in both listening and reading skills and places you in the appropriate course in a college foreign language sequence in the first or second semester of first-year language or beyond. Many students who have had three or four years of high school instruction are proficient enough to have met the Morris language requirement with no further study.

Students who demonstrate proficiency equivalent to completion of Beginning Language II (1002) are exempt from the Foreign Language requirement. Students whose native language is not English are exempt from the Foreign Language requirement. This exemption must be reviewed and awarded through the Scholastic Committee.

You must take this exam in a proctored setting in order to receive an exemption from from further study at Morris.

Foreign language exams are periodically through out the summer, during New Student Orientation, and at scheduled times during the academic year.

There is no charge for placement exams at Morris.

Math Placement Examinations

The math placement exam has been designed to ensure correct evaluation of your mathematical skills prior to beginning your course work at Morris. Topics include advanced algebra, elementary functions and trigonometry and it is strongly recommended that you spend some time reviewing those topics from your high school mathematics courses. When you are admitted to Morris, you will be eligible to take a sample exam online and then to self-register and take the placement exam at that time.

Although not all new freshmen students are required to take this exam, students who select majors that require calculus, or others who would like to take a math course at Morris will need to take this exam to determine the course that fits their proficiency. It is important to study prior to the exam date.

Once you have opend the link and logged in with your University name and password, you will see 3 available “classes”, you will want to select Placement Diagnostics and register. This “class” then has three modules/assignments:

  • Advanced Algebra Diagnostics
  • Elementary Functions Diagnostics
  • Trigonometry Diagnostics

Each of these sections needs to be completed in its entirety and in assignment screen you will need to select the submit assignment/grade option, not just the quit & save.

If you would like some practice before completing these modules, you can also register for the Practice Placement Diagnostics “class” available in the initial screen. That part is completely optional.