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  • Students walking on the UMN Morris campus
    Students reading and laughing on the UMN Morris campus

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    Solar panel array at UMN Morris
    UMN Morris is the perfect place for you to thrive. With intentionally small classes, state-of-the-art research opportunities, affordable tuition, and a welcoming community, you'll be well positioned to succeed.

What's Going On?

Drake ’19 RISEs to Top in International Scholarship Competition

Catherine Drake '21 will spend 12 weeks in Germany researching osteoporosis drugs, as part of the DAAD RISE program.

Alieva ’19 Earns Award for Internationalization

Inspired by her vision of unity, she aspires to continue to foster this intercultural competence on a larger scale some day.

Dant ’20 Earns Public Policy and International Affairs Fellowship

Lexi Dant '20 has the chance to get involved in education policy and someday offer students like her a chance to achieve their dreams.

Spring Semester Is in Full Swing!

Check out the events calendar to see what's happening on campus and in the community.